A Light through the Smoke

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to be with Pastor James Cook and the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Concord, CA. It was a blessing to see many people in church despite the thick smoke coming from the “Camp Fire” in Paradise, CA. Pastor Cook preached an excellent message on not being unequally yoked with unbelievers. It was a challenge to Abbey and I as we continue on part-time deputation to make sure we are yoked up with the right friends and acquaintances. The congregation was very friendly and encouraged both of us to keep going and press toward our goal.

As of now, we are down to our last meeting for this fall as we will be with Pastor Parry Dalzell and Central Valley Baptist Church for their Missions Conference later this week. Please pray that we will be even more challenged by the preaching, singing and fellowship of God’s people!

Thank you for your continued prayers for Abbey and the baby. She is at 35 weeks today and looking as beautiful as ever! Her OB has informed us that due to some slight complications (not urgent) that she will most likely be induced 2 or 3 days before her actual due date. Those dates would either be December 14th or December 15th. Please pray that the baby would just decide to come naturally! 🙂 We are both very excited to begin this next step in our lives as parents.

We are at 5% support, but I have been informed by a couple pastors that they will be taking us in the future. God has blessed us with 8 meetings in 8 weeks! We could not ask for anything else! He has provided our every needs! Thank you for your prayers for safety and wisdom. We appreciate all the kind messages and words of encouragement! Next Stop: Manteca, CA—November 14, 2018!

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