A Sending Church

This past weekend, we were at the Anchor Baptist Church in Burnaby, BC, Canada with my dad, Pastor Ben Turner. Anchor Baptist’s theme for the year is about giving your heart to Jesus. Their theme this past weekend was about giving your heart for missions. The guest speaker was Bro. James Belisle who has been preaching in conferences all over the world for the past 30+ years. His messages were convicting to the heart and timely for our deputation.

The other missionary family there was the Johnston family who are veteran missionaries in Ontario, Canada. We also had the opportunity to Skype call, Bro. Putney in Colombia on Wednesday night! It was a blessing to see that there is a need all over the world specifically in Canada and Columbia!

Anchor Baptist Church means a lot to me. I still remember the first Sunday at our location of 15 years! The Lord has blessed ABC and it is much in part to the leadership. Pastor Turner and Pastor Ravert are both sold out for the Lord in the Lower Mainland! Visitors are coming to church, people are getting saved and baptized and the church is growing! Another reason ABC is thriving is because the people are willing to serve. On Tuesday night, the church had an international dinner in which the church people brought different international dishes for the congregation to share. It was encouraging to see so many men and ladies working around the property to make the evening a success.

We were spoiled this past weekend with a gift basket, bowling, gift cards and a surprise gift on Wednesday night. Words cannot describe how thankful we are for such an amazing sending church!!

As I type this post, we are in Medford, OR on our way back to San Jose, CA. We will be in the North Valley B Teen Church this coming Sunday where we will present our future ministry and challenge the young people about giving their lives to God in the area of missions. Abbey is 34 and a half weeks pregnant. Her OB is recommending that we induce about a week early due to some very minor complications that would prevent the baby from properly finishing the 40 weeks. Please pray for a safe delivery, a healthy baby and healthy momma!

Thank you for your continued prayers! Next Stop: Santa Clara, CA—November 4, 2018!

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