Faithful Men

This past week, our family was at two different mission’s conferences in Southern California. Faith Baptist Church of Wildomar has been a beacon of hope for well over 35 years. It was a blessing to present our ministry to Pastor Bruce Goddard and his church family. We also met for sushi with some missionary friends going to Japan. Thankful for Go and Danielle Oishi!

We were also at Coast Hills Baptist Church in Santa Maria, CA with Pastor Bud Silva. It was a blessing to be with four other missionary families going to the fields of Taiwan, Mongolia, Congo and Mexico. Coast Hills Baptist has been spreading the Gospel from Santa Maria to the ends of the world for over 30 years! Also, Praise the Lord for the 13 year old boy who accepted Christ as his personal Saviour while we were soul winning!

The two men listed above nearly have 70 years of combined ministry in Southern California. Personally, I am very thankful for faithful men of God who stick with the old-time religion and keep preaching “Thus saith the Lord” no matter how the times change!

Later today, we will begin our drive up to British Columbia as we begin a Pacific Northwest tour which will see us in 29 different churches over the next 14 weeks. Praise the Lord for his goodness and provision! We are now at 18% of our needed support through 12 meetings.

Next step: Burnaby, BC, Canada!



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