Full-Time Deputation!

It seems like we have been waiting forever to take this next step, but finally it has arrived! This Friday, we will begin full-time deputation to raise financial support to get to the country of Uganda! Our travels begin in Wildomar, CA with a Mission’s Conference at Faith Baptist Church and Pastor Bruce Goddard. Once the conference ends, we will drive north to Santa Maria, CA and be with Pastor Bud Silva and Coast Hills Baptist Church for their Mission’s Conference!

A busy first week to deputation, but we are very excited to be taking this next step!

  • Please pray specifically for the next 15 weeks. We will be in 30 different churches, 5 states, 2 countries and 1 province. Google estimates about **7,900 miles** (not counting flight travel) over the next 15 weeks—oh boy!

Next Step: Wildomar, CA!


2 thoughts on “Full-Time Deputation!

  1. We will consistently pray for you as you travel and for God to bless all of your meetings. May he watch over you and Abbey and Carson,keeping you safe,happy & healthy!

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