Home Away from Home

This past weekend, Abbey and I attended the 2018 Missions Conference at North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, CA. Pastor Jack Trieber has stood the test of time and remained faithful in the old time ways for well over 40 years! This year’s key note speaker was Dr. Joe Arthur from Jonesboro, GA. The preaching was convicting and stirring for personal evangelism and personal revival!

Along with my wife and I, there were seven other missionary families or single missionaries. It was a blessing to see the many different fields represented including: Brazil, Japan, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda and Vietnam! “Thank you” is simply just not enough to say to the people of North Valley Baptist for their kindness shown to all of us!

On Sunday morning, I had the opportunity to speak to the college Sunday school class where memories of Bible college came flooding back. It was just 6 months ago that I was sitting in the same spots of the young people that I was speaking to! Abbey and I both spoke to the Wiggle Worms on Sunday night and thoroughly enjoyed getting to take the kids on a “safari” through the country of Uganda! On Monday morning we spent time in elementary chapel before making our way over to the GSBC chapel.

As I gave a testimony to the student body, I couldn’t help but think back to when I was an 8 year old boy. My dad and I attended the National Pastors and Workers Conference at North Valley in September of 2004. Bro. Ryan Thompson, a GSBC graduate, Pastor Trieber’s son-in-law and pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Newport Beach, CA; made me feel so incredibly special and welcomed as an 8 year old delegate. I remember the kindness that he showed to me and my dad. I never forgot that conference and Bro. Thompson’s kindness planted a seed of love in my heart for North Valley; but more importantly, Golden State Baptist College! As I testified and challenged the students to love GSBC even after they graduate, I remembered the kindness and love shown to me that would eventually lead to my decision to come to Golden State Baptist College in the fall of 2014. The circle had been complete!

Our travels will now take us “North of the Border” as we begin the 16 hour drive to British Columbia, Canada on Thursday. Please continue to pray for Abbey as she continues to carry a “feisty Turner baby!” 😀 Currently, she is at 32 weeks and looking as beautiful as ever!

Thank you again for your continued prayers! We appreciate the kind words, messages of encouragement and financial support over these first months of deputation! Next Stop: Burnaby, BC, Canada—October 26th!


3 thoughts on “Home Away from Home

  1. I am very joyful to hear that you and Abbey go to Mission and special going to Uganda .
    I am praying for you two that our Lord Jesucristo be glorified in your life!

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