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July 2022 Prayer Letter

“What an amazing
moment to witness both ladies bow their heads and trust Christ as their personal Saviour!”

June 2022 Prayer Letter

May 2022 Prayer Letter

The investment of time in others is one of the greatest ways to show that you truly care.

March 2022 Prayer Letter

“….She is teaching us Rutooro, and we are teaching her the Bible.”

January 2022 Prayer Letter

Our first full month in Uganda…

December 2021 Prayer Letter

We have arrived in Uganda!!

October/November 2021 Prayer Letter

“The President of Uganda has finally lifted the church attendance restriction meaning that it is now possible for up to 200 people to
attend worship services!”

September 2021 Prayer Letter

“….our tentative departure for Uganda is set for October 15th!”

August 2021 Prayer Letter

May/June 2021 Survey Trip Recap Video

A short four and a half minute video recapping our Survey Trip last month